Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camp Mom: Water Day- Car Wash Time!

This post is part of my Camp Mom Series. Instead of sharing all the activities we did in one big long post, there will be several posts about our day and a wrap up at the end. Hope you enjoy all the water themed activities we did today!

My son has been asking to go back to the car wash... so we decided to open up our own car wash at our house. We started off by collecting all the cars from around the house. We also found a bunch of people who could work at the car wash... and we brought everything into the bathroom. This could also have been down outside, but it was getting chilly, so we decided to stay inside.

Next we lined up all the cars by the side of the bathub and let the drivers know the car wash was opening soon!

All the workers were eager to get started!

We added some water to the bathtub and found some spray bottles and sponges... and the Car Wash opened for business!

I guess these workers weren't doing enough... they got put in "time out." :)

Once the cars were washed and rinsed, they headed off to the parking lot to dry!

This activity is very open ended and fostered a lot of imaginative play and creativity. We had so much fun!

I also love this outdoor car wash idea from No Time for Flashcards. Maybe on a warmer day!

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