Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camp Mom: Water Day- Iceberg Painting

This post is part of my Camp Mom Series. Instead of sharing all the activities we did in one big long post, there will be several posts about our day and a wrap up at the end. Hope you enjoy all the water themed activities we did today!

I got this fun idea for Iceberg Painting at No Time for Flashcards.

Materials Needed:
Plastic or paper cups, paint (we used Tempura), water, variety of types of paper, rectangular pan, paper towels, and scissors

1. (Prep work- the night before... or at least a few hours ahead of time) Squirt paint into your plastic cups.

2. Add some water and mix the paint and water together.

3. Put the plastic cups in the freezer and let them sit for a few hours until they are solid.

4. Gather your frozen icebergs and a rectangular pan. Line the pan with a paper towel and then stick a piece of drawing paper on top of the paper towel.

5. Cut the plastic cups and remove the iceberg paints from inside. Place them in a bowl so your child has easy access to them.

6. Let your child start painting! This is such a fun sensory activity. Your child might be very surprised at first to discover that the paints are cold. My son was a little hesitant at first, but as I painted with him, he got more comfortable.

We tried sliding the paints like hockey pucks, dropping them to make splats, and a variety of other painting techniques.

We also used a variety of colors and thicknesses of paper.

We talked about the words: cold, frozen, ice, iceberg, freezing, sliding, slippery, splat, hard, chilly, fast, slow, smooth, wet, water, and the various colors that we saw or made... while we painted! This is also a great activity to teach about color mixing. We made green using the blue and yellow icebergs and purple using red and yellow icebergs.

With older kids you could make the iceberg paints together and spend some time talking about liquids and solids. Watching the paints go from a liquid form to a solid form can be really exciting!

This was a great activity to kick off Camp Mom today!


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