Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camp Mom: Block & Graham Cracker Buildings

Block City

This is a simple pretend play activity that just involves blocks, some little people toys, and some construction vehicles.

We decided on the buildings/places that we wanted to try and create... and then we made some signs, and my little guy picked which one he wanted to build first...

a Library!

Can you tell that I had fun building this one too?

We also had to simulate a few earthquakes... after all, we live in California.

Next we made a Police Station... the dump truck and crane came in handy!

This activity was great for fostering conversation and imaginative play! I loved it because there was a little structure/guidance to it... but not too much. My little guy had so much fun destroying each of the buildings we made as well.

Graham Cracker A-Frame Houses

We took all of the things we learned about building... and built our own graham cracker A-frame houses.

Materials Needed: graham crackers, peanut butter, plastic knives, paper plates... and anything else you want to use for decoration. We used pretzels, marshmallows, and jelly beans.

1. Spread peanut butter on the plate and on the sides of the crackers. Make the basic walls to form a square. Use plenty of peanut butter to make sure it all stays together.

2. Add some accents- like windows and doors.

3. Add any other decorations around the lawn. We made a jelly bean path from the front door.

Expect your little one to steal a few treats :) I love this sneaky little smile after I caught my little guy snatching jelly beans.

4. Use your building materials to make some more structures! We loved this tunnel we made.

5. Break out little toy people and cars and have them start using their new house. :)

While we did this activity we talked about the basic components of a house- walls, roof, doors, windows, etc. We also talked about the different things we tasted and described them- crunchy, sweet, smooth, squishy, etc. Mmm!

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