Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You're a Grand Old Flag

This is a simple flag craft that we tried today. I loved it because my son could mostly do it on his own with only a few directions from me.

Materials Needed: paper plate, Sharpie, blue and red paint (we used dotters), scissors, and white paper (we also used a blue marker).

1. Draw a simple flag pattern on the back of a paper plate.

2. We colored ours with blue marker to add some extra color. :)

3. Have your toddler use paint to color every other line to make red and white stripes. I modeled one stripe and then let my son do it on his own. I pointed to the line he needed to paint and he did a pretty good job staying within the area.

4. Have your child paint the corner square (in our case it was a rounded triangle) with blue paint.

5. Draw some simple stars and cut them out.

6. Have your child add some glue dots.

7. Press the stars down on top of the glue. We only did 4 stars because that was enough for my little guy. You could do more if your kids want to.

8. Let the paint dry.

9. Use the paper plate flag to sing some of your favorite flag songs!

Our favorites that we found at Preschool Express are below:

Tune: “Frere Jacques” Flags are flying, flags are flying
Oh, so high; oh, so high.
Flying for our country,
Red and white and blue,
Flying high, in the sky.
Liz Ryerson

Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Today is special, do you know why?
It's the 4th day of July.
See the flags passing by.
See the fireworks in the sky.
It's a special celebration.
It's the birthday of our nation.
Jean Warren

We loved waving our flags while singing this song...

Tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It"

If you have a little flag, hold it high.
If you have a little flag, hold it high.
If you hold it way up high, you can wave it in the sky.
If you have a little flag, hold it high.
Jean Warren
(there were more verses, but this was the one about a flag)

We also sang You're a Grand Old Flag and watched this little video of a 2nd grade class on YouTube. They had the cutest video we could find and my little guy wanted to watch it again and again!

Have fun with your flags!!

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