Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Firework Candy Rocket Pops

I am up way too late tonight trying to figure out a little project we are maybe going to do at our art class tomorrow... if anyone shows up... since I forgot to tell them it was tomorrow until late tonight! Pregnancy brain has arrived! Anyway, please forgive many of my horrible pictures. I started this project this afternoon and didn't finish til too late... so the lighting at our house is bad. I want my little guy to enjoy doing this project for the first time with the class, so he didn't get to help out with this one. It is a bit of an experiment as well. Enjoy!

Materials Needed: empty toilet paper roll, red, blue, and white cardstock, scissors, tape, stapler, pen, star stickers, red, white & blue markers, red, white or blue tissue paper, tootsie pop, any other red, white, and blue small candies, red, white, or blue electrical tape, and 4th of July themed scrapbook paper (optional).

1. Cut a piece of cardstock to fit all the way around the toilet paper roll. Use either red, white, or blue.

2. Staple or glue the paper in place.

3. Trace a circle onto another piece of cardstock.

4. Cut a slit to the middle. Twist the paper into a slightly pointy cone shape and staple or tape to secure.

5. Decorate the covered toilet roll and cone top with stickers, marker designs, glitter, ribbon, etc. Let the kiddos go crazy! I didn't do anything exciting to mine because I was lazy today... hopefully tomorrow the kids will be more creative.

6. Cut a square piece of tissue paper and wrap it around the end of the tube. Secure in place using colored electrical tape. Use as many strips as you want. If I were to do it again, I'd do a red, white, and blue pattern and be less boring (but it was too late so I just did white!).

7. Stick a tootsie pop into the toilet paper roll.

8. Push the tootsie pop lightly through the tissue paper until the entire stick comes through and you have a little hole.

9. Pull the red tissue paper flames over the electrical tape (esp if you made it look boring like me ;)).

10. Cut various sizes and shapes of ribbon.

11. Add ribbon around the bottom of the rocket. Attach it to the electrical tape with scotch tape. Make sure to tape a longer, different ribbon to the tootsie roll pop stick (but be careful not to pull it!)

If you have the ribbon pre-cut, kids can easily choose the ribbon they want and you can quickly tape it on for them and send them to the next yummy step.

12. Have some red, white, and blue small candy treats available. I used M&Ms and 4th of July taffys.

Stuff them inside your toilet roll gently.

13. Using heavy duty tape, attach the red cone shape to the top of your rocket.

14. Tell your little ones to get ready to pull their long tootsie pop ribbon... and count down! 5...4...3...2...1... Fireworks time!

If you've done things correctly, the big tootsie roll pop should break through the tissue paper and the candy should spill out so that the little kids can eat it! In my case, the tootsie roll got caught on some extra tissue paper I had in my roll and the entire bottom of my rocket popped off. Surprise! Either way, I got some treats... so I was happy!

I'll try this out again tomorrow with my little class and see what other fun things we come up with. If you try it out, let me know how it goes and what I should do differently next time.

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