Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mom Project

For my job I spend time reading books and modifying them (keeping the main message, but simplifying the vocabulary). This year I modified some books that I can actually use with my son (most are 2nd and 2rd grade level). After I rewrite the books, I come up with little activities that build comprehension- whether they are interactive parts of a book that have questions, art activities, sequencing activities, matching, etc.

Below are a few pages from my re-written version of Ernie's Big Mess.

(Re-written text)

(Comprehension page)

Each page of the modified book is laminated and then each icon (picture w/ word) is copied so that it can be removed/reattached using velcro... making it interactive. When kids are reading, they can find the matching icons and stick them onto the book and practice the new words.

Anyway, long story short... I have started making an interactive book for my son based on his favorite songs... kind of along the same lines as the books I make for work. I've started with his absolute favorite song, Two Little Blackbirds (first page, below) and then will move into On Top of Spaghetti next.

Eventually I'll put all the pages together to make a "Our Favorite Songs" book (either bound or in a three-ring-binder).

I am using Microsoft Word and Google images to create my icons. I am so excited to see how he likes it when I am finished.

I got this idea from Rhyming Books, Marble Painting, and Many Other Activities for Toddlers. My version is a little bit more complicated, but you can make a simpler "Our Favorite Songs" Book by following the directions below.

1. Print the words to your favorite song on a piece of paper. Add a simple picture on the page that portrays the song. Do this for each song you want to include in your book.

2. Place the paper in a plastic sleeve and place the sleeve in a three-ring-binder. Do this for each song.

3. Decorate the front of the binder.

4. Read/sing the songs along with your child.

Singing and "reading" songs are great ways to build vocabulary and strengthen language skills (increase sophistication of language, length of sentences, build comprehension of words, etc.).

I'll post my finished project once it is done. If you like it and want to make one yourself, I can email you my pages and you can laminate them yourself.

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  1. This is such a fantastic idea. It's a wonderful way to make preschool educational books but still have that fun touch! Great job.


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