Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Blossom Painting

It seems as though everything blossomed overnight.  This sight inspired us to try this Blossom Painting idea from Musings From Kim K. (via The Crafty Crow).

I love to find ideas using materials I already have around the house.

We first applied one coat of water to the paper (I used a heavier water color paper). 

Next, your child (in theory) will dab dots all over the paper to resemble spring blossoms.  I cringed as my daughter started painting lines instead of dots, and my vision of what this project was going to look like went out the window.  I resisted the urge to control what she was doing (as I believe it's important to not inhibit, set limits or control on a child's art) and decided to take a different spin on the picture.

We added a little white paint to the pink mixture and made another attempt of dots.  I added a few lines with Sharpee, and voila!  I think it turned out better than the picture in my head - and was glad to be reminded that "There is no Right or Wrong in Art"!   


  1. This is so beautiful! And, yes, exactly - there's no right or wrong in art. Isn't it so much fun when the art evolves as the child enjoys the process...

  2. Oh she did a wonderful job! I love it!

  3. Thank you for sharing this.. I was looking for a special spring art craft to surprise my 3 year old with and this worked.. unfortunately for me.. she painted every piece of white on the paper then painted my hand... lol so instead of cherry blossoms I ended up with a dark/light pink collage and a good hand washing.. LOL!!! I think I will try this next year when she is out of the must color the whole page phase.. lol

    1. Ha! That is too funny Ally. What a nice mom you are to surprise her with fun crafts to do.


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