Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reusing Easter Eggs: Peeps Banner

This was our last plastic egg activity before we put all of our Easter stuff away today. We were inspired by E.J.'s awesome Peep Banner that was featured on MADE earlier this week (her banner is the pink one draped on the little piano).

Materials Needed: scissors, black pen, Peeps Bunny Bunting Pattern, ribbon, colored cardstock, paint and paintbrush, and lots of plastic Easter eggs.

1. Cut out your bunny pattern and trace it onto your cardstock.

2. Trace the bunny pattern four times (or for as many bunnies as you want on your banner).

3. Take our several colors of paint and some plastic eggs and lay them out.

4. Show your child how to dip the eggs in the paint and then stamp them on the bunny pages. Make sure you move quickly or your child might do what my son did and start sticking his entire hand in the paint.

If you feel like making this activity multi-sensory, you can also let your child do some finger painting or hand painting.

5. Let the pictures dry and then cut around the bunnies.

6. Tape the back of the bunnies to a strand of ribbon... and then hang your masterpiece!

Language Building Activities:

- If you have any leftover Peeps treats, this would be a great time to break them out. Taste them, talk about their colors, talk about how they taste (sugary, sweet, soft, squishy, etc).

- If you celebrated Easter last weekend, you probably talked about bunnies and read some bunny books. This might be a great time to look at them and re-read them before they go away for the season... or at least for a few weeks.

- We found several fun bunny activities and songs at Preschool Express...
I loved this song idea by Liz Ryerson.

Tune: “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Bunnies, bunnies, hop, hop, hop.
Bunnies, bunnies, hop, hop, stop.
Twitch your ears and twitch your nose.
Twitch your tail and twitch your toes.
Bunnies, bunnies, hop, hop, hop.
Bunnies, bunnies, hop, hop, stop.

This would be fun to sing and act out at the same time!

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