Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reading Together!

As we are getting ready for Mother's Day, I've been thinking about a few of my favorite simple books to read with my son... to let him know how much I love him... or to talk about mothers. Below I have included four of my favorite books with an activity or two... or three, that you could try after you read the books together.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
Doesn't this book just make you want to cry... or hug your little one forever? I just love the picture on the cover too. I think almost everyone has a photo like this.

- The little boy and the mom in this story share a special song together. Using the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (or another favorite simple song), see if you can put the words of their special song to music... or come up with your own special song to sing together and sing it every night before you go to bed.

- Help your child listen to "Love You Forever" again and again (while practicing turning the pages of the book) here. (Robert Munsch will be reading the story to them)

- For older toddlers/preschoolers, help them write a simple Mother's Day book by asking them the sentence starters (below) and seeing what they answer (I always love what comes out of little kid's mouths!). I'm sure you can come up with better ones than I did to ask. Write down each answer on a big heart shaped piece of paper (or have their dad interview them). Put a cover on the front of the book that says, "Love Your Forever" and have your child color a picture on each heart shaped page.

My mom has the prettiest _______________.
My mom cooks the best _________________.
My mom loves to play __________.
My mom and I like to ______________.
My mom is silly when ________________.
My mom likes to say ____________________.
My mom is beautiful because she _______________________________.

To help foster even more language and prompt your child to come up with answers more independently, print out photos of you together doing different activities. Have your child tell you (using a simple sentence) what is happening in each picture and you can record it. Glue the pictures onto heart-shaped paper (with the sentences) and have your toddler decorate them. Attach the pages together. Not only will this be a fun book to treasure and re-read, but it will be a great opportunity to spend time with one another!

Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman

- Re-enact this story together by wandering around the house asking each stuffed animal or object that the child chooses..."Are you my mother?" Complete the activity by hiding and having your child find you. Prompt him to say, "Are you my mother?" and give him a big hug and kiss and tell him you love him!

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney
I love the idea of having a "Guess How Much I Love You" party with your child's stuffed animals, as mentioned here. Make invitations with your toddler, invite their favorite stuffed animals, color pictures of the nutbrown hare, and make cute Guess How Much I love you coupons. The activity packet can be downloaded and printed out in seconds. Just click here and then click on "Download Activity Packet Now."

Mama Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse

- Work together to make your own Inuit ceremonial masks (as shown in the story). You could even make matching mom and child masks using different symbols.

Check out the symbols and masks that you can just print out here. You can choose up to eight symbols to put on your mask.

- Also, talk about people that you love. Help your child create a cute card, craft, or picture for some of the other women that they love- like their grandmothers.

I love the craft ideas below (perfect for Grandmas or other people your child loves!):
Foam Fridge Frames found at No Time For Flashcards
Decorate Mother's Day Hot Pads from Dresses and Messes
Work together to make a Homemade Photo Cube by Marie at Make & Takes.

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