Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Popcorn Blossoms

Continuing with the spring/blossom theme - we decided to try out this Popcorn Blossom Tree idea from BabyCenter.com.

Materials Needed
Brown paper (we used a paper grocery bag)
Colored Construction Paper
Popped Popcorn

 First have your child trace your hand on the brown paper (and/or trace your child's hand).  Cut out the hand(s) and glue to colored paper.  Use glue to adhere popcorn to "branches". 
I decided that we would make popcorn over the stovetop for this project - something I need to do more often (as my daughter insisted that popcorn could only come out of the microwave).  While we were waiting for the popcorn to pop we had fun thinking of other treats starting with the letter p, and singing popcorn songs (found here and here).  In fact, one of my daughter's first songs she could sing by herself is called Popcorn Popping (video). 

Additional popcorn songs/poems found here.

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