Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bug Rings!

With my husband on an extended business trip, it has been my job to feed bugs to our betta fish (who refuses to eat regular betta fish food).

Today we went on a bug hunt and then spent some time making bug rings! Now the bugs will be with us all the time!

Materials Needed: tape, a candy ring, blank notecards, black marker, scissors, and colored markers/pencils.

1. Draw a bug with a black marker on a notecard.
2. Have your toddler color the bug.

3. While your toddler colors, cut a small piece of notecard or paper and wrap it around the top of the ring.

Secure the paper with tape.

4. Cut out the colored bug.

5. Tape the bug onto the ring (it should stick pretty easily onto the paper).

Voila! Bug ring!

Just to make sure no one eats the tape... make sure you have another candy ring handy so that your little buddy can eat one while he wears his bug ring.


After we were done wearing (and eating) our rings, we sang some bug songs and went back outside and hunted for more bugs!!

You can find some fun bug songs here.

Language Building Activities:

We mostly spent out entire time outside talking about bugs. It was a good vocabulary building activity for me too, since I don't know the names of a lot of bugs... instead we'd call them our own names... like "tiny green hairy bug" or "red prickly spider." We talked lots about colors, shapes, and sizes.

Sorry for another bug post... but like I said, he's a little obsessed right now :)

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