Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yellow & Blue Make a Green Shamrock

Saw this cute idea of how to make a Shamrock while experimenting with color combinations at Free Preschool Crafts.

Materials Needed
-Coffee Filters
-Yellow & Blue Food Coloring
-Paint Brushes, Q-Tips or Eye Droppers
-Squirt or Spray Bottle of water

Cut filters into shamrock shape.

Dilute food coloring with a small amount of water.  Have your toddler paint, dabble or drop on yellow and blue all over the filter.

Now give them the squirt/spray bottle and watch the magic of the colors combining to make green!

Let dry and display!
[We also made rainbows - an older child may have fun trying to create all of the colors of the rainbow using only the primary colors - I did.]

A great book to read in conjunction with this activity (and one of our household favorites) is "little blue and little yellow"
by Leo Lionni.

Some fun Shamrock games & Songs from Cullen's ABC's:

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