Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A "Tack"y Activity

I saw an idea online (which I now can not find to give credit where it's deserved) using jumbo tacks to trace & cut out shapes - and knew this could be my excuse to buy a set, I mean - to provide my toddler with a fun and educational activity.

Materials Needed
Jumbo Tacks
Cork Board ($1 Store Special)
Scrap Paper

I started by drawing a few simple shapes on the scrap paper, and then demonstrated to my daughter how to punch holes with the tack along the line.  [An older child may actually have the attention span and dexterity to punch holes close enough toghether that they will actually be able to cut the shape out]  Her attention and interest lasted for about one shape, but she still wanted to play with the tacks.

I decided to try drawing some dots on the paper instead, and have her line up the tacks with the dots.
She loved this task and would stop throughout to count the tacks.
Which led me to and idea for the next task - using tacks to see and "feel" a set of numbers. 
Also fun to flip over the paper when finished to feel the imprints.

Can you think of any other "Tack"y tasks or activities?


  1. I saw this somewhere as well... but can't remember. I loved it and now want big thumbtacks like that too! Maybe when Andrew is a bit older.

  2. I saw {somewhere} an activity with the big tacks, cork board, and rubber bands to make shapes, like on a geo-board. My toddler and preschooler love this activity.

    Thanks for posting this. I'm excited to find another use for our board and tacks!


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