Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sticker Reinforcements Letter Art

We found some reinforcements for hole punched pages when we were at my mom's house this week. We decided to use them for a letter art project a few days ago.

Materials Needed: Reinforcements for hole punched pages, colored cardstock, and paint or markers (we used some new mini Do-A-Dot paints that we bought this week).

1. Use the reinforcements to create your letter. We chose an uppercase letter "A" since it is my son's favorite (it is the first letter in his name).

I used a ruler to make the stickers somewhat straight in an A shape. For older kids, you could draw the letter with pencil and have them stick the reinforcements on by themselves... or they could draw the letter on their own.

2. Get out your paints and have your child connect the dots... or just paint the dots.

This was a hard step for my little guy... so I traced the dots with green paint and then he copied me and tried to dot the A using blue paint.

He really enjoyed painting the A. If we'd had more time I would've repeated this activity again with a different letter to see if he did better the second time after some modeling.

He was very proud to tell his Grandma all about the letter A that he made.

Language Development Activities:

- sing the ABC song together

- Read your favorite ABC book or book that starts with the letter you chose.

We love the Alphabet book by Matthew Van Fleet at our house.

- talk about animals and objects that start with the letter A.

There are tons of other fun letter A activities around. We love these ones from No Time For Flashcards.

Alligator A!
Alien A!

If you have any favorite alphabet books, crafts, or activities, please share!

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