Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shamrock Collage

Ge are getting excited for St. Patrick's Day around here and thought we'd do this craft that we found over at No Time for Flashcards. It is quick, easy, and open-ended, so it allows for lots of creativity!

Materials Needed: Anything green will work. We used green pom poms, green tissue paper, and green felt. Other things you'll need are a box, glue stick, glue bottle, green markers, scissors, and a shamrock shape (we got ours here)

1. Have your little one start coloring with green markers, crayons, or paint dotters. We just used markers today because they are my son's favorites.

2. Flatten your cardboard box, cut out your shamrock, and trace the shamrock onto a piece of cardboard. I printed out two shamrocks, so my little guy colored one while I cut and traced the other one.

4. Have your little one start covering the cardboard shamrock with glue.

5. While he glues, cut out his shamrock and then help him stick it to the cardboard.

6. Cut up your tissue paper (older kids can help do this) and put all the soft green materials close by your little one.

7. Cover the shamrock with glue (we used Elmers for this part because it sticks to the pom poms better). Have your little one start sticking the tissue paper, pom poms, and felt to the shamrock.

This can be a never-ending activity because your child can add multiple layers to their shamrock collage. My little guy's attention span is pretty short, so he only did his collage for about 5-7 minutes. He loved it though!

When we were done we did a little St. Patrick's Day music time. I love this cute song from Preschool Express by Elizabeth Scofield.

Tune: “Mary Had A Little Lamb”

I’m a little leprechaun,
Leprechaun, leprechaun.
I’m a little leprechaun
On St. Patrick’s Day.

See me dance a little jig,
Little jig, little jig.
See me dance a little jig
When I come out to play.

Language Development:

We are a little under the weather over here so there was less talking than normal a we did this activity (my voice is several octaves lower than normal right now). We did talk about shamrocks, leprechauns, and about the soft objects that we used during this activity. We touched them and talked about how soft they felt. We also touched the harder objects (cardboard and paper edge) and talked about how they were rough.

The Leprechaun song also introduced a few new words (jig, Leprechaun, St. Patrick's Day) that we will be reviewing/exploring more in other activities today.

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