Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recipe For St. Patty's Day Pudding

Ingredients/Supplies Needed
1 T. Dry Pistachio Pudding Mix
2 T. Cold Milk
Baby Food Jar
Sandwich Bag

Prior to starting this activity (and without your toddler looking) - place dry pudding mix in sandwich bag and label it
"Leprechaun Dust". 

Have child measure out 1 T. Leprechaun dust and place in jar.  Add milk.  Screw lid back on jar and shake for 45 seconds (your child will love watching the pudding turn green).  Grab a spoon and enjoy!

[Recipe found in Gayle Bittinger's book,  Multisensory Theme-A-Saurus and at Preschool Eduction.com]

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