Friday, March 5, 2010

Potato Stamping

We are potato-aholics at our house, but we have never done potato stamping yet... so today was the day. Since potatoes are a staple of an Irish home, they are perfect to play with around St. Patrick's Day.

Materials: Potatoes (we had one big one!), green paint, paper plate, big drawing paper

1. Cut up your potatoes and create some potato stamps. My little guy wanted a triangle and an "obtagon" (octagon), so I attempted those first, and then we just made some other random patterns.

2. Pour some paint on your paper plate, put a bowl of your potato stamps nearby, and lay out your paper.

3. Start stamping! We had a lot of fun describing the shapes that I had cut out... since none of them turned out like I wanted them to.

4. Fill up as many papers as you want... this activity will definitely be a hit for most toddlers.

Language Development:

As mentioned above, we spent our time during this activity talking about the shapes that we made or the shapes that we could see when we used the stamps. I thought one stamp looked like a V, but then my son turned it upside down and was excited that he had an A. One stamp looked like a shoe print, and one was like a weird octagon/circle. It was fun to make observations and talk about the different things we noticed. We also talked a lot about my son's green tummy that was covered with paint!

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