Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Piggy Piggy

Since my little guy couldn't choose between the cow and the pig, we decided to do projects with both today.

Materials Needed: paper plate, plastic cup, black sharpie, white or pink pipe cleaner, piece of pink cardstock, pink tissue paper, pink markers, piece of pink foam, scissors, and tape.

1. Have your toddler cover the back of the paper plate with pink marker. If you feel like painting, you could paint it pink. We didn't have any pink paint, so that's why we used the markers.

This takes awhile, but it fun to do together. My little guy loves coloring with markers, so this was right up his alley.

2. While your toddler colors, trace a bowl to make a circle on the pink foam. This will be your pig's face. Cut it out. Draw two eyes with a sharpie at the top of the circle.

3. Have your toddler stuff a plastic cup full of pink tissue paper.

4. Draw pig nose holes at the bottom of the cup with a sharpie while he pretends he is a pig.

5. Have him decorate a pink piece of cardstock with pink markers.

6. Draw pig ears and pig feet and then cut them out.

7. Assemble the pig face with tape. Tape the pink foam to the paper plate. Then tape the pig nose to foam.

Tape the pig ears so that they stick out from under the foam.

Tape the pig feet so that they stick out at the bottom of the paper plate.

8. Curl a pipe cleaner around your finger to make the pig tail. Tape the tail to the back of the pig.

9. Put your pig face on and pretend to be a pig!

We loved reading Steven Kellogg's retelling of The Three Little Pigs after we were done with this project.

Language Development:

We mostly just talked about the parts of the pig while we did this activity- snout, nostrils, ears, curly tail, hooves, eyes, and belly. Acting out the story of the three little pigs using our little people farm animals is something that we are going to try tomorrow. Having your toddler try and make the characters talk or repeat lines from the story and act out what they are saying is a great for helping strengthen their understanding of new words.

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  1. Amazing work best way to teach toddlers and engage them in craft activities really loved your work.


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