Friday, March 12, 2010

March Wind Streamers

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

March is the perfect month to incorporate weather related activities.  We decided to take advantage of the windy weather by making & playing with Wind Streamers.

Materials Needed:
-Surveyor's Tape***
-Electrical Tape
***Surveyor's Tape is not sticky, can be found in most hardware stores (a roll of it usually costs less than $2), comes in  a variety of colors, and is a much better alternative for this project than crepe paper (which rips so easily) or ribbon (which can get expensive & fray).

If you do not have a pre-cut dowel, you will first need to cut dowel to desired size (mine is about 10" long) and sand the ends.  Next cut the surveyor's tape in varying lengths (I found that 6 pieces total seemed to work best).  Line up one end of each piece of tape and set about 1" of the dowel on top of the tape.

Wrap surveyor's tape around dowel and secure with electrical tape (which also comes in a variety of cool colors).  Be sure to anchor the electrical tape on the dowel before wrapping around the surveryor's tape.
And . . . you're finished.  Wouldn't it be fun to make these in green and white for St. Patty's Day?
Now put on some "March"ing music and parade around the house with your new streamers or grab your coat and hat and run like crazy outside letting the wind catch and bend your creation.  Be sure to make one for yourself too.

Additional Wind Related Activities
-Read or tell Aesop's Fable of The Wind & The Sun

-Sing Songs about the Wind & Weather found here

-Make Kite Cookies using this recipe
(I would recommend using gummy life savers if you have youger children)

-Experiment with the power of wind.  Gather together a small fan made of paper, a blow dryer and a large fan.  Place a small object (we started with a Fisher Price Little Person) on a firm/flat surface.  First try to blow it over using your own hot air, now try with the paper fan, next the blow dryer and lastly the large fan.  Repeat using additional objects of varying weights and sizes.  Have your toddler try to guess which method will blow over the object first.

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  1. We featured your adorable and durable wind streamers on our blog post today. We shared ideas to go with a Rainbow of My Own. Our children loved the wind streamers! Thanks for such a great idea!


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