Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have You Seen My Pot of Gold?

Found this great (FREE) printable book by Scholastic:

A cute story (and coloring book) about a leprechaun who can't find his "pot of gold" and goes about asking a sheep, a cow, a horse, and a pig if they've seen it.  They each refer him to the next animal - until finally, he is lead to a chicken who happens to be sitting in the "pot of gold".  This story is simple and uses enough repetition that your child will have it memorized in no time. 

We used this book for our weekly preschool and the kids loved it.  First I read them the story - then we acted it out.  Here are the props that we used:

-For the Leprechaun - a paper bag puppet
-For the animals - the following masks:
-The Pot of Gold - small cooking pot filled with Rolos

We all took turns acting as each animal & the Leprechaun.  Whoever was playing the part of the chicken got to sit on the pot of gold (the children loved acting out this part).

Found the following quote from this article supporting the benefit of acting out stories, "Students benefit from the integration of language and movement by experiencing stories in a different way through listening, interpreting, and moving for the purpose of communication (Bagwell, 1980)".  

We strung cereal necklaces (using only the green applejacks) and then made "Shamrock Shakes" (Vanilla milk shakes with a little green food coloring - mint chocolate chip ice cream would also work, or the healthy route with a spinach shake).

Didn't see this recipe for Shamrock & Gold Coin Cookies until today but plan on making them for next year!

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