Thursday, March 11, 2010

Discovering Green

Although it is nice to do projects that have a cute finished product at the end, sometimes it is better to spend time exploring and focusing solely on the process. This simple activity was a lot of fun because it allowed for a lot of creativity and freedom.

Materials Needed: Toilet paper roll (empty), large piece of drawing paper, paper plate, blue and yellow paint.

1. Put the yellow and blue paint on the paper plate.

2. Show your child how to dip the end of the toilet paper roll into the paint and then stamp it onto the large paper.

3. Give the toddler the toilet paper roll and let them go for it! I used one too and we did this together.

3. Talk about how blue and yellow mixed together make green. Show them the green circles/ovals they've made.

4. Talk about the shapes, lines, and colors you see.

We also talked about the body parts that were covered with paint (there is a mirror right behind our table that my little guy loves to look into).

During this activity you can also talk about other things around the house that are yellow, blue, and green!

Be prepared with lots of paper... the toilet roll printing can go on forever!

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  1. If ours turns out looking like your little one's, I'll hang it in a place of honor with our family photos. :D I think we shall make a mess tomorrow! It'll be messy toddler day. :D


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