Monday, February 1, 2010

Mini Valentine Garden

Here's a simple little project to brighten your day without forcing you to water any real flowers.

Materials Needed: foam heart stickers, popsicle sticks, cup or flower pot, markers, Crayola model magic clay (we only had yellow, but green or brown would work too... or pink/red to stick with the V-day theme).


1. Help your child to stick the foam hearts to the tops of the popsicle sticks.

2. Let your little one decorate the hearts with markers. Mine was obsessed with making polka dots today.

3. Break out the model magic clay and play with it for a bit.

4. Then have your little one stuff the clay into a big red cup or flower pot.

5. Show your child how to stick the flower popsicle sticks into the flower pot and then turn em loose.

6. Voila! Now you have a cute mini valentine garden to decorate your home.

You could also have your child decorate the flower pot/cup with stickers... or you could have them paint a real flower pot. If you put their friend's name on it, this could turn into a happy little valentine to give to someone special. Next time I might also have my son decorate the top of the model magic with markers so that it was more colorful.

Language Development:
We worked on following directions in this activity. I practice showing and telling my little guy how to put the heart sticker "on the top" of the popsicle stick. It was a hard concept, but he got it. We also talked about hearts, flowers, flower pots, and clay and people we loved that we wanted to make valentines for.

I got this idea from Happy Living Magazine.

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