Monday, February 22, 2010


My little guy has a cold and is sick today, so we're stuck inside for most of the day. There is only so much lounging and Thomas watching we can do. This activity took up about thirty minutes of our afternoon and probably could've gone on for longer. We played it in each room of our house.

Materials Needed: foam sheets, scissors, empty basket, and a pen/marker


1. Draw several twos on the foam sheets. I drew eight because too many would be overwhelming for my little guy to find.

2. Have your toddler color the twos with markers.

3. Cut out the twos while your child colors.

4. Give your child a basket. Explain that they need to cover their eyes or wait outside the door while you hide the numbers.

Once you're done hiding the numbers all over the room, invite your child to go find them.

Make sure you hide the numbers in places that aren't too difficult for younger children (try to make sure at least half of the object can be seen easily).

5. Have your child put all the twos they find into their basket.

Maybe hide one or two in a tricky place... just for fun.

6. Once you're done, dump all your twos out onto the floor and count how many twos you have. I tried to count every other number and have my son do the ones in between (ex. "1,.., (he would say 2), 3... (he would say 4), etc.). I also tried to pause a little bit longer when we were counting to see if he could say the number before me.

Move to another room... and start all over again!

Language Development:

Talk about everything as you are playing this game. Give your child hints if they are having a hard time finding the numbers (ex. I see something by the fan). Talk about the room, what you are looking inside or under, where else the twos could be hiding, etc. We took turns and my son hid some of the numbers for me to find. When I found the numbers I would exclaim, "I found the two under the slide!" or "I found the two on the doorknob." Over time, my little guy began to shout, "I found it!" when he'd find a number two as well.

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