Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Give me a TWO! Rubbings

This activity is quick and easy. My son loved it because it was a surprise every time a two appeared on his paper.

Materials Needed:
cardboard or sheets of foam, large drawing paper, tape, and crayons (with labels peeled off).

1. Cut several number twos out of foam or cardboard (we reused ours from yesterday's Hide-and-Two! activity).

2. Put the twos underneath a large piece of drawing paper. Tape the numbers to the table (or another piece of paper) so that they don't move while your child is coloring. That will cause some frustration.

3. Show your child how to use the sides of the crayon to do some rubbing on the paper.

4. The twos will start magically appearing!

This would also be fun to do with the letters from your child's name or another sort of secret message for older emerging readers.

Language Development:

We focused on the words: rubbing, bumpy, slow, fast (as their crayons moved at different speeds) and color words during this activity.

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