Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flashlight Hide-and-Seek

Simple classic activities always end up being the most fun.

Materials Needed: flashlight and stuffed animal/favorite object

1. Give your toddler a flashlight (please forgive my son's half nakedness... we had a short clothing strike)

2. Have your toddler cover his eyes and count (or pretend to cover his eyes and count like my son does) :)

3. Hide his favorite stuffed animal or object. Make sure to leave part of the object visible.

4. Have your toddler uncover his eyes and start looking! ...then clear your schedule... this game can be exciting forever!

Can you find him?

5. Take turns and give your child the chance to hide the object/animal.

We did this activity with our little groundhog. Using the flashlight made it a lot more fun and kept it going longer than our usual hide-and-seek games.

Language Development:

Words we focused on during this activity were under, over, behind, down, up, flashlight, light, shine. We also talked about each of the places we looked while we were trying to find out little Phil (the groundhog). For example, "let's look under the green couch" or "Phil was behind the red plant." By the end of the game, my little guy knew a lot more words to describe our house and where to find things.

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