Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toddler Obstacle Course

Making an indoor obstacle course just requires whatever you have around the house, some help from your child, and some creativity.

Here's an example of what we set up... but you can really do anything... and your child will let you know what he likes.

START: Jump over a broom and do the football shuffle across it

Roll a big ball through the table tunnel (and then follow it through)

Build a tower out of boxes and then knock them down with the big ball

Roll or throw smaller basketballs through the chair tunnel and knock down the bowling pins! ... and then crawl through chair tunnel to the monster. We used paper towel rolls as bowling pins.

Feed the monster

Then, start the course all over again!

My son loved to stay at some of the spots longer than others. The spots he didn't like or skipped (like throwing a basketball through a hoop), we took out of the obstacle course.

Grade: A-

Following the "course" was tricky for my little guy... but for older kids it would easy. He especially loved anything related to throwing balls at objects. I also liked that this activity is created by whatever you have around the house. You can find other ideas of what to do in your obstacle course here.

Language Development:

Vocabulary words that can be introduced/practiced in this activity could include: up, down, around, throw, tower, tall, short, crash, roll, kick, crawl, under, over, through, etc.

Idea from the Toddler Busy Book

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