Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Target Practice

Sometimes the simplest games end up being the most fun.

Materials: lots of stuffed animals, a big basket, a crib or bed

1. Set up a large empty basket next to your child's crib or bed and pour as many stuffed animals as you want into their crib (or on their bed).

2. Show them how to toss the animals into the basket.

3. Say "on your marks, get set, go..." and see how many of the animals your child can shoot into the basket. Since most kids love throwing things out of their crib or off their bed, this activity can provide endless amounts of fun.

We probably played this game for thirty minutes... with some stuffed animal fighting throughout.

Language Development:

This activity easily lends itself to conversations about the animals that your child is throwing. Your child might yell "rabbit" as he throws the rabbit into the basket. You can say "brown rabbit" to help expand his language. You can also prompt your child by saying things like, "Can you find the blue bear?" or "Throw the striped monkey!" You can also make statements like, "You threw the snow leopard in the basket" to label their actions. While you play they might copy you and say "snow leopard in basket" or even more complex sentences.

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