Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stop and Go!

This a quick activity for when you're stuck inside or driving around a lot with a not so enthusiastic toddler.

Materials Needed:
- 2 tongue depressors
- red and green cardstock
- tape or glue
- black sharpie and pencil
- bowl to use for tracing
- scissors

Step 1: Trace two circles onto green paper and two circles onto red paper using a bowl or round object.

Step 2: Cut the circles out.

Step 3: Tape or glue both red circles to the front and back of a tongue depressor. Write "STOP" on the red circles.

Step 4: Tape or glue both green circles to the front and back of a tongue depressor. Write "GO" on the green circles.

Step 5: Play the stop and go game!
There are two games (and tons of other ones I won't mention) you can use these signs for. One of these games is for in the house and the other is for in the car.

The Stop and Go game is to help teach the words "STOP" and GO" and what they mean.

In the house- Hold up the "GO" sign, yell "GO," and run around. Your toddler will copy you. Hold up the "STOP" sign when you want your toddler to stop, and say "STOP." Make sure you show the visual when you say what it means so your child gets it. My little guy liked to hold the sign himself and yell it so that I could run around.


"STOP" (my little guy liked to fall down or run into me when it was time to stop)

In the car- These little signs are perfect if you're going to spend the day running errands. Give them to your toddler to hold in the car. When you approach a red light, tell them you're stopping because the light is red and ask them to hold up their RED light. When the light turns green, tell them you're starting to drive because the light is green. Ask them to hold up their GREEN light.

You can also cut out a stop sign to use when you have to stop at a STOP sign.

Grade: A

My little guy LOVED this activity and the prep was really easy. I am going to try using this when we go out running in my jogging stroller as well.

Language Development:
This whole activity is already really language centered. For older kids (or kids more advanced than my son) you can play "Red Light, Green Light" with these too.

** We also worked on letter sounds and letter recognition as I made these little signs. I had my son point out the letters that he knew in the words "stop" and "go" and then I would model for him how each word was spelled and each letter sound. He tried to copy me.

Idea modified from The Toddler's Busy Book.

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  1. We will definately be trying this in the car:) Anything to keep from hearing "it's taking a long time!" from both my kids:) Great website!


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