Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sticky Fingers

We were stuck inside, watching the rain outside, when I came upon this great idea for a homemade "Velcro Ball Catcher" via Dollar Store Crafts

Materials Needed
Knit gloves (knit hat offers a fun alternative)
Small Plastic Golf Ball or Ping Pong Ball
Velcro Circles backed with adhesive

My daughter loved pulling the pieces of velcro off the backing and placing them on the ball (she may have enjoyed this part more than she did playing the game).  I think this activity adds a fun twist to a game of "catch" (especially for those kids who don't quite have the hand-eye coordination to actually catch on their own).

Another variation on the game is to make a target (credit to my clever sister-in-law for this idea) for your little sharp shooter.

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  1. We are totally going out to buy the materials for that this week! I love it!


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