Friday, January 22, 2010

Rocking Out Part 2

The next thing we made was a pie pan tambourine.

Materials Needed:
- aluminum pie pan
- scissors
- jingle bells
- yarn, string (or twist ties)

1. Punch small holes along the edge of the pie pan with your scissors.

2. String the yarn through the jingle bells (I used twist ties because they were what I could find).

3. Pull the yarn through the hole in the aluminum pan and tie a knot.

4. Finish putting the bells all the way around the pie pan.

5. Pass the tambourine over to your toddler and let them shake away.


My son had fun using the tambourine for a drum as well... so it's nice and versatile. :) Plan on it not surviving for much more than a day because the aluminum is very bendy. Once we were done with our instruments, we turned on our favorite Beatles songs and drummed. I have a feeling I will have a headache this afternoon.

Language Development:

Words we talked about with this project were bells, pan, shake, ring, and jingle. You could also talk about the concepts of fast, slow, high, low while you move around shaking the tambourine. Demonstrate first, while telling your child what you're doing... then have him try. If you make two tambourines, then you could use one as you demonstrate.

Idea from HowStuffWorks

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