Friday, January 22, 2010

Rocking Out Part 1

Due to an earlier wake up than expected this morning (my husband ran out of gas on the way to work and we had to help out :))... we got started on some activities sooner than planned (hence my little guy still being in his jammies).

We started our own home rock band, since my son is currently loving Beatles Rock Band.

Materials Needed:
- empty Cylindrical containers (tall or short)

- colored paper or wrapping paper
- tape
- wooden spoons
- scissors
** earplugs if you can't stand all the sounds :)

1. Have your child decorate the paper with whatever you want. We just used crayons today. I drew a simple picture and he had fun coloring it.

2. Once the coloring is done, wrap the paper around the cylinder and tape it on so it'll stay. I also cut out a little circle to cover the top of the shaker.

3. Add dried beans or rice to the inside of the shaker and then make sure the top is secured so that beans don't fly out.

4. Turn on your favorite music and let out your inner rock star! Pound and drum away!

My son had his heart set on drumming, so he used the shakers as drums. We turned a set of wooden spoons into drum sticks. If you're feeling cute and creative, you could try making these homemade mallets. Your child could also just use their hands to hit these. Obviously it is more fun to whack them with something hard though... so once you show your child a "drum stick" they might never go back.

Language Development:
We spent most of our time talking about lines and shapes as we drew- circles, squares, triangles, straight and swiggly lines, etc. We also learned the verbs pound, bang, hit, and shake. With older kids you could introduce the concept of a cylinder and have them go on a "cylinder hunt" around your house to see if they can find other cylinders (chip containers, wrapping paper rolls, soup cans, etc.). If I were to make these again, I'd probably use more vibrantly colored paper... but our goal today was just using what we had and and getting the instruments done! I had quite the drill sergeant pushing me along.

Instrument idea from Disney's Family Fun Website. These ones are much cuter than what we made.

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