Friday, January 22, 2010

Fill er Up!

This is a quick activity to get out some energy if you're stuck indoors. We played this for awhile this morning.


- big box, basket or tub
- lots of balls (or other toys/objects)
- timer


1. Have your child help scatter balls all over the room.

2. Set up a box in the middle of a room.

3. Have your child try and put as many balls into the box as quick as possible (which is where the timer comes in handy).

4. Once all the balls are in the box, have your child dump them out and try again.

5. Play along with your child and see if you can beat your previous time. You'll also get a little workout yourself. :)

Your child might even want to put himself in the box.


For older kids, you could tape off an area around the box and make them throw from further away to make this activity a little bit more of a challenge. This is also a fun way to make clean up time more exciting.

Language Development:

In this activity you can practice helping your child understand the words "in" and "out." You can also talk about the sizes, shapes, and colors of the balls while you run around collecting them. This is another activity where you could also practice listening and following directions. For example, "John, go and find the big green and yellow ball in the corner!"

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