Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book of the Week: Diary of a Worm

With the crazy rain going on here, we've seen a lot of worms... so we thought we'd learn a little bit about them. This has been our favorite book this week.

You can access some fun ideas to go along with the book here

Today we're going to be...

- coloring pictures of worms from here and here

- making "noodle necklaces" like the characters in the book (you can dye the noodles ahead of time by soaking them in vinegar and food coloring)

- playing long worm, short worm with gummy worms (talk about long and short worms, cut them into pieces or stretch them and have your child try and figure out which ones are the longest/shortest)

- slithering around the house like worms

- making a worm house out of a shoebox and then adding paper worms (or real ones if we get brave) and paper worm food

- and of course making some dirt dessert (with gummy worms)

and if you're thinking... that's only going to last half the day... we're also going to be watching Cars and maybe a movie about worms if I can find one. Any suggestions?

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