Sunday, January 19, 2020

Printable Kindness Calendar for Families

Looking for a way to teach your kids about kindness? Join us for the 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge! 

It is so easy and you'll love our free printable Kindness Calendar to get you started too. 

One of the simplest ways to teach kids to be kind is to TAKE ACTION and model it with them alongside of you. 

Show them what kindness looks like and then get them involved doing it or helping you! 

Our printable Kindness Calendar includes 20 acts of kindness that are so simple to do with small children but could also be done with older kids too!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Toddler Activity Calendars for Parents

Do you want to feel organized and planned for the new year? 

Our Toddler Activity Calendars are designed to make life easier for you AND help you accomplish your goal of being more hands on with your kids this year!

I am so excited to share what I’ve been putting together! 

I have created 12 months of toddler play plans just for you! This will help you start out the year organized and ready to have fun with your little ones. 

These activities on our toddler calendar are great for kids ages 2-5 though some could be adapted for younger kids.

With the calendar download you get...

⭐️ A whole year of calendars (12 months, 240 days of activities)
⭐️ One activity idea per day
⭐️ One children's book suggestion per week
⭐️ Immediate download
⭐️ Includes calendars for all three summer months
⭐️ Includes holiday activities

Our Year of Play calendar printable is offered for only $14.99 for ONE DAY
So grab it quick! 

Our special introductory price lasts till 11:59pm PST on January 3, 2020. (Regular price is $19.99)


Want more details? Scroll down for more information and answers to questions about our printable Toddler Activity Calendars.


Parents and educators of busy kids ages 2-5. 

Many activities can be modified for kids that are older or younger, but they are probably best for kids who are at least 18 months old.

If you want to try out our calendars to see if your child is the right age/stage, subscribe to our free play plans for a month or two and see what you think. 


1. Download the calendars to your device. Save them to your desktop or phone for easy access.

2. When you're ready to try an activity, click on the activity name for the day. When you click on the activity, it will take you to the activity tutorial. Easy peasy! 

3. Print them out! The calendars are great to hang up as a reminder of what’s on your schedule for the week or month. Note- they are not clickable once you print them out. 😜


Nope! Not yet friends. Hopefully version 2.0 will have them later this year. 

When I do update this version and add monthly supply lists, those who have purchased the calendars already will get the updated version emailed to them. 


When you download your calendar to your device, click on the activity name that you want to try. You will then be taken to the activity tutorial.


Each week is different, but over the course of the month you'll try out a variety of activities, including...

  • Sensory play ideas 
  • Alphabet learning activities 
  • Movement activities (fine and gross motor) 
  • Snacktivities 
  • Art projects
  • Simple math activities
  • Cool science ideas

If you are familiar with monthly play plans we email out every month, these are the same format! They are just all bundled together for a whole year. No need to wait for them to get sent to you each month! 

You can get all 12 calendars sent to your inbox right now and be prepared for the whole year!


Here are two examples of activities kids will do during January.

1. Make a Giant Snowman Buddy 

Materials Needed:

  • large roll of paper
  • scissors
  • painters tape
  • crayons/markers
  • Sharpie
  • glue (optional)
  • fun things to stick on it from around the house (ribbon, lids, googly eyes, etc.)

Full tutorial here

Here's a picture of one child's finished project:

2. Build a Snowman on a Stick

  • skewer
  • bananas
  • knife
  • pretzel sticks
  • apple slice
  • marshmallow (optional)

Full tutorial here.


Most parents that use our play plans are busy parents. Many work full-time. They typically will look at the calendar the weekend beforehand and get any materials gathered/ready. Most activities are pretty easy to just look at and grab the materials in a minute or two though. 

Most of the activities require very little prep. None of us have time for that! 

Some parents do an activity with their kids every day, some pick and choose from the calendar and just do a few on the weekends or weeknights.


Not yet! I may work on one when my big kids go back to school. 


Here are a few to give you an idea of some of the themes that are included:


  • Snowmen
  • Snowflakes
  • Kindness
  • Winter Animals

  • Vehicles
  • Ice Cream
  • Camping
  • Olympics


  • Gratitude
  • Dinosaurs
  • Construction
  • Ornaments

Have more questions? Email us or DM us.

We don't want you to miss out!

Our Toddler Activity Calendars are only $14.99 for ONE DAY. Introductory pricing ends January 3, 2020 at 11:59pm.



** When you purchase, please make sure to type in your email correctly or else the calendar won’t be sent. 

Have any questions about your order? 
Email me at

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Printable New Year's Eve Countdown

Do you love to celebrate New Year's Eve with your kids but still want them in bed on time?

I've got a fun and simple New Year's Eve Countdown for you that is perfect for kids to do earlier in the day with you. Scroll down to get our free Printable New Year's Eve Countdown! It will be sent straight to your inbox!

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What can you do on New Year's Eve with kids?

So many things! You don't need to spend a lot of money or time planning either. Here are a few of the New Year's Eve activity ideas included in our printable countdown:

  • Make NYE hats
  • Confetti eruptions
  • Make 2020 pizza
  • Build cup towers

You can see the other eight activities in our free printable download here. 

Check out our Easy New Year's Eve Party Ideas post for a break down of the different activities included in our printable and more photos.  

The activities are easy to set up and so much fun! 

Click on the BUY NOW button below to get our free download!

Here's how the Printable Countdown works:

Page 1: Your reference page. Each activity box that needs an explanation is clickable.

Page 2: Printable countdown. Print this page off to use.

Page 3: Blank Printable countdown if you want to just use our template and some ideas and then add your own too. Just write your plan in the rectangles.

Page 4: Print off these little arrows to use on your clock. You can just stick tape on the back and move the arrows around.

Or just use this printable as your "cheat sheet" to know what is going on and try out our Balloon Countdown or Paper Bag clock countdown instead.   

Can toddlers celebrate New Year's Eve?

Of course toddlers can celebrate! For our New Year's Eve celebrations we love to party earlier in the day or late afternoon so that kids get all of the excitement out of the way before bedtime. 

With all of the crazy holiday events and schedules, it is nice to get little ones to bed decently early on New Year's Eve and start out the New Year with happy kids, versus overtired ones.

How can you make New Year's Eve fun for toddlers?

Keep things simple. We've selected twelve activities that we like to do each New Year's Eve. Many of them get little ones moving around or exploring their senses. They aren't complicated and don't require kids to follow any specific instructions. I prefer activities and art projects that are open ended and process focused. 

Do you want an easy New Year's Eve plan for your kids? 
Download our printable countdown below. It is FREE!

Each activity that needs an explanation on the first page of the PDF is clickable. So click on the activity for more details. 

Have more questions? Ask away!

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