Thursday, November 7, 2019

Turkey Playdough Fine Motor Skills Activity

A Thanksgiving activity that is fun and helps kids work on their fine motor skills too? Awesome!

Our Thanksgiving turkey sensory bin is perfect to pull out as you get your kids ready for Turkey Day.

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This Turkey fine motor activity uses playdough! We think playdough is one of the best sensory activities you can do with kids. We love making the Imagination Tree's homemade playdough or just buying colorful playdoh containers online. Either is great!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Simple Science Projects for Toddlers

What are some easy science projects for toddlers?

Science projects don't need to be hard or complicated. We start exploring science concepts when our kids are little and we don't even realize it!

Have you ever had a baby that drops their pacifier or food off a high chair?

Early on babies and toddlers begin exploring gravity and force as they drop and throw things. They also discover what can sink or float as they play in the bathtub.

Parents can use everyday experiences to teach science concepts.

There are also so many amazing toddler science experiments that aren't difficult. 

You are going to love these 25+ science projects that are perfect for toddlers (and even preschoolers)!

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Friday, October 25, 2019

Prepare Toddler to Trick or Treat

How do you prepare a toddler for trick or treating?

Do you want a fun and somewhat easy way to get your toddler ready and excited for trick or treating?

You need to make a simple life sized Halloween house!

Let me explain how this simple Halloween activity helps get kids ready for Halloween. 

Toddlers typically fall into two camps when it comes to trick or treating.

1. They hear the word candy and they start running towards any house as fast as possible.

2. They stick close to mom and dad and feel a bit worried about the whole idea of going to unfamiliar houses, seeing possible scary things, and talking to strangers.

As a mom, I love finding simple ways to prep my kids for trick or treating in order to help us all have a successful and low stress Halloween.

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