Tuesday, May 14, 2019

5 Awesome Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Recently we went into San Francisco to visit the amazing dinosaur exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences. It was such a hit! The kids loved digging for fossils and playing games to learn about Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Now that I've gotten the kids excited about dinosaurs, I thought it would be fun to try out some simple dino-themed activities at home! Today I'm sharing 5 easy dinosaur themed activities for toddlers and preschoolers. 

If you like these, make sure to check out our Summer Camp with a whole week dedicated to dinosaurs and volcanoes!

These dinosaur themed activities are all ones that can last for awhile! I love that they incorporate imaginative play along with creating and being active!

Click on each title below to go to the full activity tutorial.

1. Colorful Paper Plate Dinosaurs- These are such a simple way to make your own dinosaurs! I'll bet you already have all the materials!

2. Fizzy Dino Bath- What's better than taking your own bath? Giving your dinosaurs a bath! Pop over to Busy Toddler to see how to set this one up!

3. Dinosaur Eggs- Excavation activities are fascinating to kids! Little Bins for Little Hands has some great tips for how to set up this amazing dinosaur science activity! 

4. Dinosaur Feet- Do you have a dino-lover than wants to stomp around and BE a dinosaur? This activity is for you! Rainy Day Mum has all the details on her blog.

5. Save the Dinosaurs- This activity is pretty hysterical! I was amazed at all of the pretend play dinosaur fun my daughter had as she sorted! Head to my Toddler Approved Instagram for details.

Want more dinosaur themed activities? 

Sign up for our Summer Camp and you'll be emailed 15 additional awesome dinosaur activity plans for toddlers and preschoolers... plus a list of many of our favorite dinosaur and volcano themed books. Read more about camp and what is included in your membership HERE

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Easy to Set Up Toddler Summer Camp at Home!

Do you wish you knew exactly what to do this summer?

Do you wish you had an plan already put together? One with easy activities, simple materials lists, and even book ideas?

Imagine how relaxed you might feel knowing that you have a plan before summer starts! No more guessing what you're going to do or scrambling to search Pinterest or your saved pics on Instagram.  

Get ready to get excited! I have something to help us both. 

To get ready for this summer, I've created a simple Toddler and Preschooler Summer Camp curriculum to solve this problem! 

Register for camp HERE! Scroll down to read more details!

Welcome to the Virtual Book Club Summer Camp!

This summer I want to help make things easy by sharing my favorite online toddler summer camp program that will help US BOTH! Not only will it make our summer easier, but it will make it a whole lot more enjoyable too!

Our toddler summer camp will help us be organized and find time to connect with our kids in really fun ways!

Check out the video of the summer camp program that I've been working on with a few friends (you know them too since they are my Weekly Virtual Book Club Co-hosts!). This is just a snapshot into the fun we have!

Virtual Book Club Summer Camp Membership
SPECIAL SALE: $19.99 (May 9-May 17 Only!)

(Camp Usually costs $24.99)

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in the camp printables you will receive plus all of the other awesome things that are included in your membership! The printable pack includes photos and simple tutorials of super fun activities to do with your kids!

(This is a small sampling)

Our summer camp is great for kids ages 2-5 (toddlers and preschoolers). 

Many of the activities can be adapted for older or younger kids too.

One of our goals for camp is to help you feel confident trying new things with your kids and making some great memories! 

Here are some thoughts from Katie and Megan, two of our past camp participants. 

What's included in your membership? 

Sign up here -->> BUY NOW

  • Several printable summer planning pages (supplies list, book list, weekly and daily planner template, bonus activity list, etc.)
  • Three summer themes with over 45 easy and awesome activity ideas with full instructions and supply lists. With more additional bonus activities to try too!
  • Field trip ideas and trips – you can have adventures without leaving your backyard or use the ideas to get out and explore your community.
  • Children's book recommendations to go with each of the 3 themes.
  • Themed printable songs and fingerplays (nursery rhyme for children that uses hand movements)
  • An Invitation to our exclusive Facebook group to connect with other moms doing the summer camp and us.
  • Weekly Facebook Live Chats with our team in the Facebook Group.
  • You will receive our Exclusive 2018 Summer Camp Ebook with all printables in an easy to find format at the end of camp so you can continue to have easy access to ideas for the rest of the summer!

When is summer camp?

You can use the camp materials ALL summer long, but camp officially starts on Monday, June 10th!

Session 1: June 10-June 16
Session 2: June 17- June 23
Session 3: June 24- June 30

What are the summer camp themes this year?

You can read more about them on our main camp page here, but they are transportation, dinosaurs & volcanoes, and camping!!

Sign up for Your Virtual Book Club Summer Camp Membership!
SPECIAL SALE: $19.99 (May 9-17 only!)


If you have any questions about camp, check out the main camp page with lots of information, or comment below! I WOULD love to answer your questions and hope we'll see many of you joining us for camp this summer!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Cardboard Box Paint and Wash with Water

Do you need an easy activity to get you through the day or help you make it to bedtime?  

We are so excited to have Mandisa Watts of Happy Toddler Playtime sharing a simple water activity with us today for toddlers and preschoolers! She has so many amazing activities on her blog and Instagram. Keep reading to hear more!

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